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Recommend Products

Your new puppy will be a part of your life for the next 12 plus years.

Along with Smart Activities, Regular Vet Checkups, and Lots of Love we believe that Proper Nutrition plays the biggest role in insuring your puppies quality of life. We have start our pups on Life’s Abundance premium dog food All Life Stage and they are absolutely loving and thriving on it!!! We have done much research into the best food to feed our dogs, and hands down, Life’s Abundance is not only the best, but the VERY best we have found for our Fur Baby’s here! We truly believe that quality foods enhance their mental and physical growth which produces healthy, happy puppies. Dr. Jane Bicks, is the formulator of some amazing products! We believe very strongly that nutrition plays a very big part in the health and longevity of your puppy. 60% of all hip dysplasia in dogs is due to a poor diet and vitamin deficiency and improper lack of exercise. We believe that these products provide the optimum nutritional benefits ensuring good health and longevity. These products are available nationwide and are shipped fresh to your doorstep within 4-6 weeks of being made! Also, due to the nutrient dense formulation you don’t have to feed as much of Life’s Abundance as other brands to provide a higher level of nutrition.


Dog Food

Life Abundance All Life Stage Premium Dog Food

Recommended for Goldendoodles and Yorkies


Small to Medium Breed Puppy Food

I recommend starting your Yorkie on this food until the age of 4 months. This kibble is smaller and easier for them to eat. After 4 months or so I recommend to transfer them over to the Life's Abundance All Life Stages dog food.


Wet Dog Food

I recommend the pork and venison dog food, my pickiest of eaters love this flavor. If you are purchasing a Goldendoodle puppy they are known to get picky as they get older. Adding a teaspoon or two to the dry food will get them loving meal time again.

Recommended Supplements

We give Life’s Abundance Wellness Food Supplement for dogs.

Using advanced nutritional veterinary science, these formulas supply dogs with additional nutrients to help them be as healthy as possible. This supplement features an array of naturally nutritious ingredients from real foods to help bridge the gap between average and optimal health. Also available thru 


Recommended Training Treats

I recommend this healthy treat for Goldendoodles, it will help train your puppy. I have already started them out on these and they LOVE them. They are easy to use and can be easily broken into smaller pieces to help reduce added calories during training. Also available at


Recommended Shampoo

I recommend this Revitalizing dog shampoo because it leaves the coat very shinny and makes it easier to manage. You are going to love the scent! Your puppy will be bathed with this on go home day. Also available at


Recommended Collar, Leash and Harness

I recommend this combo because it is super affordable and you get all three! Your puppy will grow fast so you can start off with the small, then upgrade when needed with out breaking the bank. Harnesses are great for teaching your puppy how to walk on a leash

Recomended Medium Dog Crate with Divider

This crate is perfect for potty training or having the puppy sleep in during the night. It comes with a divider so start out just giving the puppy enough room to lay down and stand up to turn around. If the puppy has more room it will use the bathroom in the crate. So as the puppy grows you can expand it's space.

Recomended Feeding and Water Dish

I recommend this product for Goldendoodles. This product comes in different colors and size options. I recommend medium. This will help keep your puppy from splashing the water or tipping the food out.

Recommended Smart Toy

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I recommend this toy because you can fill it with food and it takes a lot of effort and mental powers for the puppy to get the food out. This is great for keeping your puppy busy instead of them being destructive because they are bored or anxious.

Recommended Smart Toy

I recommend this smart toy because you can fill it with soaked dog food and freeze it for those hot Arizona summers. Your puppy will enjoy chewing on this while it melts. Keeps them cool and busy for a good amount of time.

Recommended Dog Bed

I recommend this bed because it's super comfortable and fuzzy but most importantly because it has a removable cover so you can wash it and keep it fresh and clean! It will fit well in the kennel and because of the shape it will be more difficult for your puppy to stand on it to pee.

Recommended Dog Brush

I recommend this brush for Goldendoodles and Yorkies. It feels kind of scratchy to us but it feels good to dogs. It's almost like a massage. It really helps detangle. The Goldendoodle's hair will look a little frizzy at first but their curls will bounce back soon. It leaves Yorkie hair shiny and smooth.

Recommended  Flea and Tick Prevention

I recommend this product for all dogs. It is a natural way to prevent fleas and ticks. Traditional flea and tick medicine can be toxic to dogs. Most homes don't have a problem with fleas and ticks so this is a natural way to protect your dog when they are out of the home.

Recommended  Nose Moisturizer

I recommend this product for Frenchies. Frenchie noses are very dry and crusty. Appy this product after cleaning your Frenchie's nose with face wipes daily.

Recommended Face Wipes

I recommend this product for Frenchies. These face wipes help keep the eyes clean and prevent tear stains. You want to wipe your Frenchie's eyes from the outer corner in to prevent cherry eye. After cleaning the eyes, wrikles and nose wipe down the inside of the ears daily.

Recommended Nail Grinder

I recommend this product for all dogs. This tool is great for maintaining your dog's nails. It is easier if you use this nail grinder every 2 weeks, that way its quicker to use for you and your dog

Recommended Litter Box

I recommend this product for Yorkies and Frenchies. Your puppy has been litter box trained since it could walk. They are also taught to use a dog door but this is a good option for night time and when they are left alone in a crate or until they receive all of their shots.

Recommended Litter

I recommend this litter for your puppy litter box. It is similar to the one I get from the feed store. It is wood pellets they usually already learn not to eat it but if they do it won't hurt them.

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