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Puppy Go Home Bag

What's Included

*5 day supply of Life's Abundance Small and Medium Puppy Holistic Dog Food for

Yorkshire Terriers and French Bulldogs 

*5 day supply of Life's Abundance All Life Stage Holistic Dog Food for Goldendoodles

*5 day supply of NuVet Plus Supplement

* Puppy toy with the mom and litter's scent

* Puppy blanket with mom and litter's scent

* Collar with bell for Yorkshire Terriers

*Vaccine and deworming records

*30-day pet insurance with Trupanion

*Free 1st Vet appointment coupon with North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix, AZ 

*AKC Registration  for French Bulldogs and Yorkshire Terriers

*DNA traits and genetic testing on select French Bulldogs

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